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I am a multidisciplinary artist who explores transformative form in relation to transmuting and composting experiences of pain, molting processes,  body as vessel of multiplicity and impermanence.  My works are explorations of states of fluidity and transmutation; the slippery, elusive, and anomalistic spaces materializing in tactile and visceral forms. The result is otherworldly, a connection to the infinite where phantasmagoria becomes tangible, familiar, and feral. My instruments are performance, film and video, sculpture, installation, sound, and drawing. My performances and films are a distillation of raw energy in ritualistic catharsis: a theater of the primordial, through which I use the body to explore the fragile threshold between being and not being.  Rooted in the medicinal, my sculptural works illuminate the possibilities of healing and metamorphoses within the opacity of shadow and murk.   I use the absence of vision to explore and inform my design choices, tracing with the sense of touch along the body to create intuitive line forms and joints, later executed in knotting work.  I believe in the importance of preserving our sensual nature, tactility, and imagination.


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